Programs & Services

Frontline services will be the primary responsibility of the Women’s Community Development Coordinator at HIV/AIDS Regional Services. Other agency members may take part in program and service delivery, but it is not a requirement of SWAG Kingston membership.

We will:

  • Provide health information and services such as STI testing, doctor referrals, complimentary health therapies (e.g. acupuncture, massage, etc.)
  • Publish and maintain a Bad Date Book
  • Distribute harm reduction materials including safer sex and drug use supplies
  • Offer informal counselling and support and provide formal referrals to professional counsellors
  • Provide access to legal information and participate in advocacy to promote sex work as valuable and real work

Currently, we provide Thursday afternoon drop-ins at 99 York Street. If you need support at any other time, please visit HIV/AIDS Regional Services at 844a Princess Street. For updates on our drop-ins, please join our Facebook Group or follow us on Twitter.

We are open to:

  • Current and former sex workers of all genders, from all sectors
  • Supporters of sex workers who share SWAG Kingston’s values and beliefs

Our goals are to:

  • Provide practical, emotional, community, and legal support to sex workers
  • Sensitize and educate the public and local service agencies about sex work
  • Fight discrimination and stigma associated with sex work
  • Promote the decriminalization of sex work