Source: Dear Client Manual – STELLA 

Here is a list of services most commonly offered by sex workers. This information can help you identify precisely what types of sexual services you desire. By knowing what you want, it will be easier for you to express your needs and negotiate an agreement with a sex worker. Don’t forget: not all sex workers offer ALL of these services. Take the time to look around for someone who can offer you the services you would like.

Contact Dance, $10 Dance
Usually in a dance bar. An erotic dance in private where the client is allowed to touch the sex worker’s breasts and the butt.

Cunnilingus, DATY), dining at the (Y)
Exciting the woman’s vulva with your tongue and mouth; eating.

The sex worker humiliates, ties up, whips, and inflicts pain on a client with the goal of exciting him sexually.

Two sex workers offer services to one or two clients at the same time.

Erotic conversation, dirty talk
Sex talk with the sex worker in person, on the telephone, or on the Internet.

Erotic dance, striptease
Sexual dance. This type of dance becomes a striptease when the sex worker undresses while dancing. The level of contact with a client can vary and this is to be negotiated in advance.

Erotic couple
Two sex workers who perform sexual acts between them.

Ejaculation in the sex worker’s face.

Fantasy Mental image or sexual scenario that has the power to sexually excite.

Éjaculation sur le visage de la travailleuse du sexe.

Object or a part of the body that is not genital, that has the power to excite sexually, for example: the feet, leather, wearing clothing of the opposite sex, etc.

Fingering, fisting
Using your fingers to caress and penetrate the vagina or the anus. We call it “fisting” when your entire hand or several fingers are used for penetration.

From behind, doggy-style
This means vaginal or anal penetration from behind. The person who is being penetrated puts their back to her/his partner and is usually on her/his hands and knees.

Full service 
Vaginal penetration.

Golden shower 
Urinating on someone.

The sex worker will receive you at her house, a place managed by an escort agency, or a massage parlour.

Massage with options
It begins with a full body massage. The options range from massage with nudity to sexual services. These options will vary depending on the rules of the establishment, the house and the sex worker.

Masturbation, jerking off, hand job
Exciting the penis or the clitoris with the hand, other parts of the body, a vibrator or a dildo.

Oral sex, fellatio, blow-job
Exciting the penis with the mouth. Sucking.

The sex worker will join you at your home, or a hotel, or accompany you on an outing.

Peep show, erotic show
This is a dance with masturbation with or without erotic toys (vibrators and dildos).

Role playing
Exciting scenario where the sex worker and the client play roles in relation to one another. For example, the professor and the student, or the baby in diapers with his mother.

This is an erotic game with feces.

The client is sexually excited by humiliating, tying up, whipping and inflicting pain on the sex worker.

This is typically a couple that wants a sexual experience with the sex worker.

Masturbation of the penis between the breasts of the sex worker. It often finishes with a “pearl necklace”: sperm on the neck.

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