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**The purpose of these tips is to lower our risk in our workplace. As with any job, no workplace is risk-free. We know that no matter how many steps we take to protect ourselves, some people will not respect our boundaries and our bodies. THAT IS NOT OUR FAULT. We have the right to take steps to make our work environment safe.**

*The following information can be found in the St. James Infirmary Occupational Health and Safety Guide

  • Before you begin, think about what you are and are not willing to do.
  • Your boundaries, practical limitations, resources and short- and long-term financial needs are some of the many things you need to consider.
  • Whatever model you initially start with can change over time!
  • Review sites/forums are often used for customers to review the service, appearance, and overall quality of individual escorts.
  • If somebody posts a review of you after you have asked not to be reviewed – send an email to the site administrators to have it removed. The response from site administrators vary.
  • Good reviews are a great way to increase clientele and develop a positive reputation in a competitive industry.
  • Whether you wish to allow reviews is a highly personal decision.
  • Advertise to attract what you want and screen to filter out what you don’t want.
  • Ask yourself:
    • What sort of clients do you want?
    • What are you offering that clients of that sort are looking for? H
    • How will you convey this and be sure that you are visible in places where your desired clientele are looking?
    • If you opt to work with an agency, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Things to look out for: agency’s screening policies and their actual screening policies, how the agency communicates with you and your clients, and relationship between the agency and their workers.
    • If you opt to be independent, advertising and screening will likely be your biggest obstacles in the beginning. Things to consider:
      • How much to reveal about yourself, both physically and intellectually, in your ad
      • Be as sincere as possible about yourself without revealing more than your comfortable with
      • Be honest about your physical description, personality, and the services you provide
      • Advertising options include the internet, personal ad services (online and in local periodicals), personal websites, blogs – consider expense and privacy (some will ask for credit cards or identification verification)
      • Try one advertising venue and then branch out – start with free advertising and network!
      • On a date bring some essentials:  condoms, lube, baby wipes, fully-charged cell phone, and an appropriate-looking purse to carry them in. Depending on the services that you offer, you may begin carrying additional equipment related to specific forms of play e.g., rope for bondage or massage oils for Tantra. Never bring all of your equipment on a date in case of theft or loss.
      • Many escorts find it best to purchase a separate cell phone as a work hone. Purchasing a pre-paid, cheap and disposable, cell phone plan, with a minimum amount of personal information, or better yet, no information that can be linked back to you, will minimize your risks in the industry. At the very least, this will allow you the ability to: keep your personal and work life apart; turn your work phone off when you are no longer working; change work numbers quickly if necessary. You may also want to get a work-only email account. your

Safety: Screening Clients

There are a few simple screening methods that are common among most escorts. None of these methods guarantee anything to you, but they at least help you evaluate clients before meeting them:

•     Require a reference from at least one verifiable provider; this is the simplest method of screening.

•     Require the person’s full legal name and professional information including company name, title and main number of the company where he can be reached. Call and ask for him, say you’re “Emily from Dr. Brown’s office calling about a personal matter.” Verify that he’s actually employed there by ringing through to his desk.

•     Require full name and registered landline phone number from your clients. Use or to run a reverse phone look up. Verify that his name matches the registration.

  • Always tell someone you trust where you’re going for your outcalls. When you arrive for the meeting, make a call in front of the client to your friend. Say simply “I’m here, I’ll speak to you again in one hour” (or however long the meeting is expected to last). This lets the client know that someone will notice if you don’t answer your phone at the end of the hour.
  • By the time you’ve entered the room you should already have an idea of what this client wants from you. Most likely, he just wants you to be yourself (i.e., the self that you’ve presented in your advertising) and be enthusiastic about being there with him. If he wanted specific kink or fetish play he probably would have mentioned it during the screening process.
  • So, once you’re in the room together, cash has been paid upfront and you are feeling happy and confident about the meeting, just let the time flow. He’s probably more nervous than you are on your first meeting. You’ll keep his nerves calm by acting confident and present.
  • Once you put your photos, name or any other information about yourself on the Internet, it’s out there forever. You will have to use credit cards to pay for advertising and hosting your website, etc. Identity protection services help to a certain extent, but nothing on the Internet is a sure guarantee that you’ll never be exposed. It’s easier to avoid non-tech-savvy clients and family members than it is to avoid the rarely encountered hacker-genius-geeks who may be working for law enforcement or have a personal obsession with you. Although you’re not likely to encounter the two latter scenarios, they do happen sometimes and it is a possibility you need to consider.
  •  It would be foolish to become an Internet-based escort and believe that your identity is completely protected.
  • Working for an agency may be a good way to avoid having to use your real photos or your own credit cards for advertising.
  • Working through the Internet is a relatively safe way of doing sex work. Nonetheless, physical assault, rape and theft do occasionally happen to escorts. It is extremely helpful to take physical self-defense courses. They’re offered in most cities, especially through college campus clubs and women’s groups.
  •  If you’re traveling for work, it’s ideal to tour with a fellow worker and share hotel rooms or at least have separate rooms in the same hotel.
  • While working in hotels, don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself.
  • Whatever hotel you’re staying at, dress as the average hotel patron would dress. Don’t leave clients loitering in the hallways or lobbies while you do last-minute touch ups to your makeup.
  • Don’t discuss business with your friends in the lobby or common areas of the hotel and don’t answer your work phone in those areas either. Use common sense!
  • Work is work, life is life, and occasionally the ‘twain shall meet. It would be nice to say that once you walk out of a session, whether positive or negative, you can just forget about it. While this is usually true, occasionally you’ll find that an experience stays with you, either positively or negatively. Ideally, especially in the beginning, you should have a few trusted friends to discuss work with. It’s fun to tell the positive stories and it’s therapeutic to vent about the lame stories. Sometimes just getting it off of your chest can make you feel more whole and connected to your community. If you’ve had a negative experience that is affecting your personal life in ways that are unmanageable, you may need to seek professional support from a sex-work-sensitive therapist.
  • If finding a therapist is impossible, sometimes a seasoned escort who’s been through it all before can be helpful. Try the hotlines and other services offered by regional and national Sex Worker support groups.

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